3D Lasts

Do you produce your lasts by hand based on standard last models or cast?


Ortowear offers to produce CNC lasts made of wood. Our standard delivery time for lasts is 4 days from the day we receive your file. Express ordres are delivered within 2 days and urgent ordres in just 1 day.

3D lasts can be ordered by ortoFLOW, where you can uploade your own files directly. You can use ortoBASE for 3D scanning and Footmill for 3D modelling.

3D insoles and test shoes

We also offer to produce and deliver matching insoles and test shoes. Insoles can be ordered from a separate 3D file or vacuum molded on the last.

Vacuum insoles can be combined with a number of other materials for reinforcement, relief points and cover.

Download our 3D lasts and vacuum insoles flyer

Find more information on our 3D lasts and vacuum insoles in our online catalogue